Sleep Process

REM – Rapid eye movement

The mind is always in conscious state when we are awake. When we go to sleep, then we enter the non-REM stage of the sleep known as Non-REM sleep. Then we enter the REM sleep, which is the deep state of sleep.

The level of neurotransmitter chemical levels like norepinephrone and serotonon reduces as we go from non-REM to REM sleep stage.

Lucid dream

Dream which you clearly remember and in some degree the dream which you can manipulate is termed as lucid dream.


Creativity forms when we are trying to fit the information we already have in some new and unexplored way.

Left-side Vs Right-side

Left-side of the brain is in control of order and logical reasoning while the right side of the brain is in control of imagination and creativity. Left side of the brain is dominant in the following kinds of skills – words, numbers, lines, lists, logic and analysis while right side of the brain is dominant in skills such as rhythm, color, spatial awareness, imagination and daydreaming. Also, we should remember that left side of the brain contol the right side of the body while the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body. By using the unconventional or wrong hand, the brain can strengten neural connections and even grow new ones. Moreover, the use of non-dominant hand can activate both the left side and right side of the brain.

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