In this post, we will discuss deviance, which is more often study in the context of sociology. Deviance is defined as anomaly in the action and behaviour that violates the social accepted institutionalized set-up norms on conduct.

Deviance Theories

There are different principle theories that well encapsulate the idea of deviance.

Durkheim’s normative theory of suicide

Strain’s Theory

Robert Merton’s strain theory argues that crime occurs because of the strain on an individual to attain a goal irrespective of the means to attain that goal. The imbalance between cultural goals and the institutional means is what forms an anomie. Whenever there is a strain on individual to attain a goal there are five ways in which that individual can adapt to reduce the strain:

  • Conformity

  • Innovation

  • Ritualism

  • Retreatism

  • Rebellian

Control Theory

Conflict theory

Useful Resources

Merton’s Strain Theory of Deviance