Getting started

Here are some basic spanish to english language translations -

In Spanish In English
Hola Hello
Adios Good Bye
Por Favor Please
Gracias Thank you/Thanks
De nada You’re welcome
Lo siento I’m sorry
No entiendo I don’t understand
Puede repetir mas despacio? Could you repeat that more slowly?
Qué es esto? What’s this?
Dónde está…? Where is…?
Cuanto es? How much is it?
Hola! Me Ilamo… Hello! My name is…
Puede ayudarme, por favor? Could you help please?
Me he perdido I’m lost
Salud! Cheers!
Hola! qué tal? Hello! how are you?
Buenos dias! Good Morning!
Buenos tardes! Good afternoon!
Buenos noches! Good evening!
Hasta lyego See you soon
Hasta mañana See you tomorrow
Bienvenido a España Welcome to Spain
Ella se IIama… Her name is…
Él se IIama… His name is…
los pollos hermanos the chicken brothers

We use the verb ser (to be) in order to identify something or to identify somebody’s profession. Some useful spanish verbs along with their usage -

Spanish verb usage In English
Yo soy I am
eres You are
El, Ella/Usted es He/She is
Nosotros, Nosotras somos We are
Vosotros, Vosotras sois You are
Ellos, Ellas / Ustedes son They are

In terms of conversational usage, if two persons are talking :

Person1 - Soy española. De dónde eres. (I’m spanish. Where are you from?)

Person2 - Soy canadiense. (I’m Canadian)